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There are only two certainties in life. Death and taxes. Nobody likes either of them and most people dread tax time because it can be a lot of effort if you have complicated tax affairs. Tax affairs may be complicated by business ownership, property investment or home ownership, share ownership, overseas income or a lot of outgoings that can later be claimed back at the end of the financial year. If you do have complicated tax affairs then it is worth getting a tax accountant near you to manage your tax affairs.

So you’re probably sitting there thinking out loud to yourself, what are the advantages of using a tax accountant near me? There are so many benefits and we’ll go into them right here.

They have an in depth understanding of tax legislation

Who has time to sit down to read the local tax legislation? The majority of individuals and business owners would rather do anything else other than their taxes. If they did have time to sit down and do their taxes then they could make mistakes because they do not know the legislation. These mistakes could cost you in late filing fees, being required by the Australian Tax Office to pay back any incorrectly refunded taxes, being hit with interest charges or receiving a penalty from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). In the most serious cases, if taxes are done incorrectly then you could find yourself being prosecuted by the Australian Tax Office.

It is for this reason that you need to use a tax accountant. A tax accountant has spent years studying tax legislation and they know what can be claimed and what can’t be claimed. They can advise you on the process all the way and they can deal with the ATO on your behalf, which means you can spend time doing the things that you would rather do, that don’t involve tax matters.

They know how to minimise your tax obligations

There is a clear distinction between tax avoidance and tax minimisation. Tax avoidance is illegal but tax minimisation can be done perfectly legitimately. The reason for this is that tax accountants know what you can and can’t claim. They know what the rules are and they will do everything they can to reduce your taxes within the legislation.

This could mean that you could end up with a tax refund at the end of the financial year that you can use for business expansions, home renovations, a new car, savings or other investments and that helps you secure your financial future.

They can reduce mistakes

When people do their taxes they may do them in a rush because they’re not concentrating on what they’re doing. When you contact a tax accountant near you they will triple check everything before they submit the tax return to the ATO for processing.

Submitting a tax return that is free from errors means that you are less likely to be audited by the ATO and anyone who has been audited by the ATO knows how stressful they can be and that they can take months to finalise.

You can focus on your business or personal life

If you run a small business or have a lot of investments then a tax accountant near you can reduce your list of things to do. You can therefore focus on your business or your personal life and you won’t need to worry about the stress of dealing with the ATO because you’ve got a professional tax accountant on your side doing it for you.

You’ll learn about your business

Most business owners think they know their business well but the reality may be completely different. A tax accountant near you can help you learn about your business more. For example, you may have poor record keeping. A tax accountant can help you gain knowledge so you can improve your record keeping and other business processes. They may also be able to advise you on how you can increase your possible revenue while reducing your expenditure.

Knowing how to increase your revenue while reducing your expenditure can also help you plan for the future so that you are in a better financial position than you otherwise would be.

If you would like to get your tax affairs sorted then get in touch with the friendly team at TaxBright Accountants and we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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Roman Akulov
Roman Akulov
Recently used the services of the company. They helped me make a tax return. Fast and professional, I am very pleased with the service and the result. I recommend and will use them in the future.
Lana is an amazing accountant! Professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. Highly recommend their services for any accountign and tax purposes
Highly recommended!Absolutely professional team💯
Great experience, very high quality service! Recommend to everyone who needs a good tax agent.
Inna Ahapitova
Inna Ahapitova
Highly recommend Lana!!!Extremely quick with explanations of every step.Very professional✨
Artem Stor
Artem Stor
Professional and exceptionally competent with expertise in many different areas. Very patient to ensure I understood everything and made things as easy and uncomplicated for me as possible. Svitlana's ability to facilitate and fast-track my issues went far beyond anything I could have expected. I highly recommend the company!
V ic
V ic
Igor Wise
Igor Wise
Highly professional and friendly - Lana did an amazing job this year, helping with complicated Tax Return and a Jobkeeper Payment.Thank you!
Lachlan Y.
Lachlan Y.
Lana handled my personal tax return with a level of efficiency and thoroughness I certainly did not expect out of a regular tax agent engagement.Even as I had my consult during a challenging time with covid19 and peak period leading down to Jun 30, my experience was made very smooth and enlightening, as Lana took the time to patiently explain over the phone various aspects of my return.Lana was relentlessly in ensuring we have covered all areas of deductions available (I almost thought she was doing her own return as she was clearly more motivated to chase every last dollar!!)I find the fee charged ,considering the above and beyond efforts Lana put in, extremely value for money, and will be engaging her and her team for the next tax season.
Rob T
Rob T
Taxbright, are a boutique and extremely friendly Accounting practice to deal with, they are very well informed of legislation, they go over and above, extremely ethical and cost effective and more so are a customer focused organisation.They were recommended to us and glad that they now look after our holistic accounting needs and affairs.
Val Komarov
Val Komarov
Very satisfied with truly professional, legible and reliable service! Highly recommended for individuals and sole traders!
Fantastic experience; found it very easy to work with and resolve a complicated tax situation, very friendly and flexible to work with. Made me feel good about doing taxes!
Love this company. They honest not overpriced. Helpful. Would highly recommend them
Serge Boytsov
Serge Boytsov
Lana was very efficient, professional and easy to communicate with. Highly recommend for both personal and business tax returns.
Kate Gorn
Kate Gorn
Very professional team provides wide range of accounting services. Individual approach to every single castomer. Highly recommend.
Alex Metric
Alex Metric
If you want to lodge your tax effortlessly on time and without hassle - TaxBright Accountants is right place for this! They gave me a great piece of advice and helped with my tax return, as a result, I've received a huge refund back to my account. If you need a professional opinion in accounting or simply want to save some money while lodging your tax return - girls from TaxBright Accountants is here for you! You are doing an awesome job - keep it up!
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